About Brian Lynch

Founder and Head Guide, Pheasant Tail Tours



I've been fishing since I was a kid and starting guiding in 2002. 

I would have to give credit to my grandfather, Eugene Robert Sullivan, for giving me my first fly rod. His gift would end up being the spark that ignited the fire that drives me. That said, because I am the first fly fisherman in my family, most of my knowledge has been gained by reading just about everything written by the legendary Lefty Kreh. In recent years I have been captivated by the emergence of the “Articulated Meat” streamer—so I’ve studied closely the patterns, methods and style of modern day greats like streamer guru Kelly Galloup.

I am especially proud to be sponsored by Thomas & Thomas fly fishing rods.

Though my passion has led me to countless fisheries I could call “home waters,” the Deerfield and its tributaries will always hold that designation for me. Hands-down my favorite quarry is the brown trout. I’m not sure if this borderline addiction is a result of the brown’s mysterious ways, the sheer beauty of the butter-bellied cannibal, or the pure ferocity these heavy-shouldered head-shakers eat and fight.

When I’m not fly fishing I love to get after a handful of other outdoor activities. My other big love is skiing. Snowy winter mornings are the few days of the year that I would be more apt to be found anywhere else but on the river in my driftboat. I also enjoy bow hunting, hiking, gardening—and the Boston Bruins and Red Sox.


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