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Brian Lynch Owner/Operator

Owner/Operator Brian Lynch poses with
one of the Deerfield Rivers finer specimens.
This one a 27 inch, 7+ pound brown trout.

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Contact Information
(413) 834-7301
email brian@pheasanttailtours.com
Colrain, MA 01340


Hunters! Brian Lynch has hunted the
Western Massachusetts area his
entire life and would be happy to
talk to you about your hunting
trip to this area.

Welcome to Pheasant Tail Tours!!!

Embarking on the Float of a Lifetime... daily.

Your home for Guided Float Fishing Trips on the picturesque Deerfield River. Come aboard! Cast away. And have the float of your life!

Picture if you will... A drive west on the scenic Mohawk Trail along the Deerfield River. Miles of superb trout water laid out in front of you. The more you see, the more "trouty" it looks. Every pool, every run, every riffle... you want to fish it all! But how could you? It would take a hundred fisherman in waders a hundred years to scrape the surface of this thriving trout fishery.The beautiful Deerfield River

The Deerfield River is a fishermans paradise! Not only is it teeming with Brook, Brown, and Rainbow Trout, but is a beautiful river rich in history, scenery and wildlife alike. A diverse variety of features make the Deerfield River the total package for fisherman.

Deep shaded pools with structure hold the big boys! All though scarce, 5 plus pounders do exist and have to eat! These fish are pursued in this area relentlessly by an almost cultlike following. Just the possibility of hooking up on one of these "HOGS" keeps the most dedicated fishermen "Stripping" big "Buggers" and "Bunny" streamers the whole year round.

The Deerfield River is also a nymphers paradise. With enough riffles, runs, and pocket water to keep you high sticking for a lifetime. And for the dry fly fisherman, the entire river is the perfect venue.

Smaller more hatch specific pattern are the perfect "match" for the calmer, slower moving sections of the river. Where a larger more buoyant offering such as a PMX or Bugmeister Stimulator fished over my own Pheasant Tail dropper or other nymph patterns will provoke violent slashing takes in faster moving current.

Considering the fact that much of the very best fishing on the entire river has little to no shore access or has restricted shore access all together.

The solution you ask? Float the river! Get it all! Cover miles of river in one day on a western style float fishing trip customized to suit you with no worrying about dangerous or restricted shore access.

Imagine... Cast after cast. Fresh, unfished, unspooked water. So whether you are just gettitng started or you are a seasoned "trout bum" with countless tight lined battles under your belt. Come cast away with us at Pheasant Tail Tours and let a professional guide and lifelong Deerfield River fisherman Brian Lynch manuever his custom float fishing boat down the Deerfield River into perfect position time after time for your fishing enjoyment.

All of this while enjoying the narrower more turbulent sections between fishing holes on your own private guided white water adventure.

And to fuel you on full day trips bring your appetite because Brian is not only an excellent fisherman, but a very capable chef and will be preparing you a gourmet stream side barbecue for lunch halfway on your float.

Thank you for your interest in Pheasant Tail Tours and we look forward to guiding you on the river.

Tight Lines!

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